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Spare Parts

Decorative sandblast equipment from RegaLead

cb900 cadblast machine

Replacement Filters

The filters are designed to keep the dust particles coming from the machine to below 40 microns. Recommended annual replacement. Sold as singles.

cb1300 cadblast machine

Replacement Automatic Guns

The automatic guns should be replaced after 1500 hours use. Supplied with either 6mm 0r 8mm Tungsten Carbide nozzles.

cb160 cadblast machine

Tungsten Carbide Nozzles

Nozzle will need replacing after every 700 hours of machine use. 6mm nozzles for CB900 & CD1300 8mm nozzles for CB1600

pressure pot cadblast

Abrasive Material Flexible Hose

The gun hose will need replacing twice a year based on an average use of 2- 3 hours per day. Sold in 5 metre lengths.