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The art of fusion glass tiles


RegaLead's range of fused tiles was first introduced in 2002 to give customers a simple, cost effective method of creating contemporary decorative designs without the need for expensive fusing equipment. For this latest catalogue, we have expanded the range further and included a range from Italian fusion specialists Vetro Suit. We believe we now offer the widest and most comprehensive range of fused glass tiles available in the marketplace.

Fused glass has been around since the middle ages but has really only entered the market for use in decorative glass panels in doors, windows and cabinets in the last 10 years. The long and technical manufacturing process involved in making large pieces of fused art glass made the products expensive and never really available to the mass market. With our range of fused tiles however we can now offer a luxury product, manufactured using the same traditional techniques, for a fraction of the cost normally associated with fused glass.

Fused glass is manufactured by slowly heating two or more pieces of glass in a kiln until they start to melt, and then gradually cooling the molten glass in a controlled way so that the pieces anneal and are fused together. To successfully fuse glass, it is essential that glasses which expand at the same rate when heated are used, otherwise long term the glass can break apart. For this reason we only use fully tested Spectrum™Glass from the USA in our Fusion and Fusion Lite ranges and Murano glass in the Vetro ranges.

We offer 4 distinct ranges of fused tiles to give our customers the widest range of styles and possible applications...



Fusion Lite

Vetro Suit

Forma Vidrio