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A touch of European style to decorative glass

Technical and Application

Our range of Inox elements are fabricated from the highest quality Stainless Steel, offering great resistance to all weathering in even the most extreme of conditions. We use only 304 grade Stainless which has extensive corrosion resistance when exposed to a range of environments and should withstand even the most harsh cleaning liquids. It is usually reserved as a marine grade stainless that can withstand temperatures up to 425°C.

Inox Elements should be bonded exclusively with Regabond Inox UV adhesive which has been specially formulated to work with our high-grade stainless steel elements to give a superior and long lasting bond to withstand exterior applications.

Like all Regalead products, Inox Elements have been tested in our QUV testing facilities for resistance to weathering, cycling between humidity and UV for more than 500 hours our products show little or now effect.

inox technical

All our Inox Elements are precision laser cut to within .01mm with a perfectly flat back and smooth finished edges to give an exact fit every time. Each individual element has a protective film coating that prevents the grained finish becoming scratched, damaged or coming into contact with adhesive during application. The surface of the element has a beautifully grained finish that accentuates the encapsulated Fusion Tile or RegaBevel.

inox adhesive

Inox Adhesive

Our Inox adhesive is designed as a low viscosity, wet wipe adhesive for bonding the small stainless steel elements to a glass surface. The adhesive is designed to leave a liquid excess after initial curing which can be easily removed and cleaned off without damaging the finely textured surface of the Inox Elements.

Please note that Inox adhesive is designed for bonding light weight stainless steel elements and is NOT suitable for bonding heavy metal objects or where a load bearing adhesive is required.