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stained glass art film

The largest and most diverse range of decorative films available in the market


Stained GlassArt Film is a range of printed and embossed filmic materials which,when used in conjunction with RegaLead lead profiles and RegaBevels glass clusters, can create stunning decorative glass effects.

The films are printed in our own purpose built workshops, by highly skilled specialists with years of experience. They are printed or embossed onto high quality polyester base materials using UV stable inks and are easy to apply to glass, plastic and other materials. They can even be applied to curved surfaces and are guaranteed not to fade, crack or delaminate.

stained galss art film cross section

The Stained Glass Art Film palette contains a vast selection of colours and textures to appeal to most tastes, and suit all applications, from traditional to contemporary. Applications include domestic and commercial windows, doors, ceilings; mirrors, furniture and cabinets, and obscurity levels vary from transparent to opaque, for areas where privacy is required such as bathroom windows.

Ranges include Plain Transparent Colours, Embossed and Printed Clear Backgrounds, Grains, Abstracts, Marbles, Wisps and Streakies. You can view the complete Gallery of Stained Glass Art Film.

stained glass art flim marketing support

The films are designed to be used either with or without our other overlay products – bevels, fused tiles and self adhesive lead. For volume users, computer cutting of Stained Glass Art Films is now possible with the Glass Eye Enterprise software and our range of plotters. We also offer a standard range of preprinted transom/fanlight designs and several door options and can produce bespoke colours for very high volume users.

A range of marketing materials is available to aid customers and designers working with our film range, including colour swatches and a CD containing the full range of colours.