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Application Tools & Materials

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Lead Rollers
The perfect tool to ensure lead profiles have maximum adhesion to glass.

65mm RATM01
50mm RATM02
regasheen original

Boning Pegs
Finishing tool for lead profiles, to seal the edge and crimp at crossovers. Available in aDIY version, & a tougher Blue Pro for trade use.

Blue ProRATM04
regasheen original

Film Rollers
150mm hard rubber roller for larger film area application. 75mm soft rubber roller for 3M Accentrimâ„¢ application.

150mm RATM05
75mm RATM06
regasheen original

Film Applicators
1. Turbo Pro for small film pieces.
2. Hard edge for larger areas.

regasheen original

Film Application Solution
Iso-proponal/water based solution to enable fault free application of films & 3M Accentrimâ„¢ tape.

1 litre RATM09
regasheen original

Safety Blades
General purpose, single-edged safety blades for trimming lead & film, & removal of adhesives

100 box RATM10
regasheen original

Safety Blade Holder
Neat holder, to ensure safer use of single-edged blades.

regasheen original

Excel Craft Knife
Excellent quality, durable craft knife.

regasheen original

Excel Craft Blades
Replacement pack of blades.

Pack of 5 RATM13
regasheen original

Trim Tool & Blades
Removes excess paint, stickers and adhesive from windows.

Trim Tool RATM16
Trim Tool Blades(5) RATM15
regasheen original

5" Teflon Boner
Professional grade boning peg manufactured from hard wearing Teflon with pointed end for crossovers and smooth end for boning down. Sold as singles.


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