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regasheen original

Regasheen Original
Water based chemical, used to create an aged effect on natural lead profiles.

250ml RCAF01
5 litres RCAF02
regasheen original

Regasheen Plus
Similar to Regasheen original, but produces a darker effect.

250ml RCAF03
5 litres RCAF04
regasheen original

Patination Oil
Apply to fresh natural lead to provide a protective film, which prevents uneven oxidation.

250ml RCAF05
regasheen original

Bevel UV adhesive remover
Iso-proponal based cleaner, for removing excess bevel UV adhesive after curing.

1 litre RCAF06
regasheen original

Lead Adhesive Cleaner
Solvent cleaner to remove excess pressure sensitive adhe-sive from glass after lead application..

250ml RCAF07
regasheen original

UV-Tek Glass Cleaner
Aerosol foaming glass cleaner, which is smear free and compatible with UV curing adhesives.(12 per carton)

600ml RCAF08
regasheen original

Stained Glass Finishing Compound
Wax based protective polish, which restores natural lead to an even patina.

354ml RCAF09
regasheen original

Latex Gloves (100box)
Powder free, high quality latex gloves to protect against chem-icals, adhesives & solvents.

Medium RCAF10
Large RCAF11
regasheen original

Wire Wool
Fine grade to remove contamination from glass panels with minimum risk of causing surface damage.

1lb RCAF12
regasheen original

Boss Wipes
High quality, lint free paper towels, supplied in a box dispenser.
(400 sheets/255x395mm)

400 RCAF13
regasheen original

RegaClean No. 1
Fformulated, using Isoproponal, for prep. of glass before applying overlay.

500ml RCAF14
5 litres RCAF15
regasheen original

Bohle Glass Cleaner
A high quality general purpose, smear free Glass Cleaner

624gm RCAF08B
(12 per carton)

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