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Soldering Equipment & Accessories

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Weller Soldering Iron
100 watt, temperature-controlled, professional, multi-purpose soldering iron, for fast soldering of all types of decorative glass leadwork.

100 watt RSOL01
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Soldering Iron Stand
For resting the soldering iron, includes built-in sponge tray.

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Soldering Iron Tips
7mm wide for general use. 4mm wide for more detailed work.

7mm RSOL03
4mm RSOL04
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Sal Ammoniac Tinning Block
For cleaning and tinning soldering iron tips.

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Powerflow Flux
Paste flux for use with solder.

350g RSOL06
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Bakers No.3 Flux
Liquid flux, easy clean, for use with solder.

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Solder, Grade K 60/40
60% tin, 40% lead solder. The higher tin content allows the solder to flow easier and gives a cleaner looking joint.

1kg RSOL08
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Fume Trap
This compact bench top fume filter is small enough (5" x 5" x 6") to keep right next to you when you solder. Easily move it close to the point of soldering for maximum effectiveness.


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