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Colour system

Decorative sandblast materials from RegaLead

Cadram sandblast colour system

Our CadRam division have developed a coloured resin system for use with deep blasted glass. CadRam resins are guaranteed for 10 years externally and can be blended together to create exciting effects.

Sandblast Colour Kit

Infill: Parts A and B 500ml,
Pigments: 10 colours 30ml,
50 x 1ml pipettes,
25 x Open and 25 x Closed
mixing pots, Instructions.

Its so simple to useā€¦

Step 1 - Blast area you wish to colour (minimum 1.5mm depth).

Step 2 - Mix the resin colour. Equal parts A & B and then add pigment.

Step 3 - Apply colour into sandblasted area using pipette.

...and create stunning results!

view infill video

Infill - Part A

5 litres, 1.25 litres or 500ml

Infill - Part B

5 litres, 1.25 litres or 500ml.


500ml or 125ml. Colours: Black, Blue, Brown, Cerise, Green, Red, Ruby, Violet, Yellow and White.