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Lynx Machine

Bring your lead application into the 21st century with the Lynx Lead application machinery. The world's first automated lead has been developed by CadRam and R & R Sondermaschinen in German and have been succesfully running in the UK for 4 years. Applying lead at speeds of up to 600mm per second it will cut production times of Elizabethan Diamond and Georgian leaded glass by up to 75%. The system accepts files in DXF formats various lead design software packages such as Lisec GPS Lead and Gridlock.

Technical Specifications

Manufacturer R&R Sondermaschinen GmbH / Germany
Development & Distribution Partners: R&R Group, CADRAM UK Ltd


Decorative Tape Applicator 
Designation Type LYNX-2
User Group Environment Low technical qualified labour
Availability: 3-4 Months delivery time as of order confirmation.
Technical Specs
Power Supply: CE 230V 16A  +/- 10% 50Hz; 6bar +/- 20% NG8
Safety CE-Mark pertaining to EN 292-1, EN 292-2, EN 418, EN 60204-1.
Application Speed Absolute Vector

0,3m/s – 0,6m/s preset.

Capacity +/- 300m/h
Glass Pane Size Min 85mm x 85mm; Max 1000mm x 2200mm
Glass Pane Thickness 4mm (up to 10 mm with head height calibration)
Design Criteria High degree of standardisation and modularity of applied parts for low spares stock inventory and interchange ability, all deliverants proven international industrial global players with proven records in reliability.
Controller & Drives BALDOR controller & servo drives, Beckhoff IPC.
Electrical Components PHOENIX CONTACT; SIEMENS.
Data Transfer Protected Network-Port and USB Port – for docking USB-Sticks or PC-Network directly to the machine.
IPC Either pult-mounted behind screen or control box IPC, depending on current state of technology.
Machine dimensions L 4450 / W 2400 / H 2000
Weight 1  t
Tape Types
Regalead Lead Strip

4.5, 6 and 9mm
Spool Length 100m

3M Accentrim Tape

Standard 12,7mm

Spool length: 110 m
Modes of Operation
Online DXF-Transfer via Network or Floppy

DXF-Files according to R&R specification are edited by software such as AutoCAD, or expansion modules from LISEC Software, Optima, Hanic, A+W can be used to administer and generate files according to R&R specification according to criteria on the basis of DXF files compatible to ACAD 12.0.  Selected files are activated directly at the machine terminal for production via local network or floppy.



Lynx Machine GPS Software
Lynx Machine Gridlock Software