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Nanogate glass protection

Decorative sandblast materials from RegaLead

Sandblasted glass protection

The Nanogate coatings are based on chemical nanotechnology and perform an anti-fingerprint effect on sandblasted glass. They assist with the removal of dirt and soiling, allowing glass maintenance with typical glass cleaners and organic solvents.

Why Nanogate?

  • Applied and cured at room temperature
  • Simple component process
  • High UV stability (tested to DIN EN ISO 11 431)
  • Available in a variety of colours
  • Easy manual application system...


Nanogate Frosted Glass Starter Box

250ml E2C 113, 10 micro fibre sponges, 4 polishing hoods for power polisher, gloves and instructions.


Nano-DEC Coloured Glass Starter Box

4 colours x 60ml (red, blue, green and yellow), 125ml E2C 113 coating, 5 micro fibre sponges, gloves and instructions.


Nanogate 500ml E2C 113 Clear Coating

500ml E2C 113 Clear Coating approximately 40m² coverage


Nanogate 5 Litre E2C 113 Clear Coating

5 Litre E2C 113 Clear Coating approximately 400m² coverage


Nano-Dec 125ml Coloured Coating

approximately 10m² coverage